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Brief outage on Core Node in Limerick starts: (12:03 11.04.2024) INVESTIGATING
Notice ID 40518 End 12:18 11.04.2024 Scheduled No
HEAnet have determined the reason for the outage. We are now investigating the causes. As the coinciding work has completed we have restored full resilience to Limerick.
updated on (12:25 11.04.2024)
Clients that may have seen an outage: UL: UL City Centre, UL Riverpoint, UL Parkpoint, UL MIC, UL CERC and UL Outreach. LCETB: LC ETB Office. TUS: Georges Quay and School of Art & Design.
updated on (12:21 11.04.2024)
HEAnet has observed a brief outage on one of our Core nodes in Limerick. This outage coincided with scheduled maintenance on the redundant node for Limerick, and as a result certain clients may have seen a brief loss of connectivity. Services should now be restored, however we will continue to monitor and investigate. Further details and updates to come.
updated on (11:43 11.04.2024)


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Planned Works affecting HEAnet Core Node in Parkwest - 03/04/2024 starts: (12:00 03.04.2024) RESOLVED
Notice ID 35987 End 17:00 03.04.2024 Scheduled Yes
Please be aware that HEAnet will be carrying out planned hardware works on one of our core nodes located in our Park West Data Centre. These works will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of April, from 09:00 till 14:00. During these works the HEAnet network will experience loss of diversity only. Our remaining 3 core nodes will continue to function, and no outage is anticipated. Any clients with further impact will be contacted directly via a separate Email. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone on +353-1-660 90 40
updated on (16:24 22.03.2024)
These works have been successfully completed as scheduled. We will close our Public Ticket for these works off shortly. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone on +353-1-660 90 40
updated on (13:31 03.04.2024)

Issues accessing FileSender starts: (12:30 26.03.2024) RESOLVED
Notice ID 36737 End 14:50 26.03.2024 Scheduled No
HEAnet is aware of intermittent issues accessing our Filesender service ( and Clients may have seen 'Failed to Connect to DataBase error' when trying to use the service. A fix has been applied and service should now be fully restored, though you may need to re-connect to FileSender to continue usage. We apologise for any inconvenience A public notice is available on our site: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone on +353-1-660 90 40
updated on (15:04 26.03.2024)
An RFO has been sent out for this incident, and we will not close off this Public Notice.
updated on (10:30 04.04.2024)

Issues with Plesk4 Webhosting Server starts: (08:25 25.03.2024) RESOLVED
Notice ID 36413 End 09:10 25.03.2024 Scheduled No
During routine maintenance we encountered an issue with the database on one of our Plesk Webhosting servers (plesk4). Unable to resolve the issue in place, we are restoring the server from a backup taken a few hours earlier. While restoration of the server is ongoing the websites hosted on Plesk4 will be unavailable. We expect return to service in the next 30-60 minutes.
updated on (08:43 25.03.2024)
Our Systems team has completed restoration of our Plesk 4 Webhosting server and all sites hosted on Plesk 4 are now online again. We are investigating the cause of this issue and will continue to monitor service status, though we do not anticipate any further disruptions at this time.
updated on (09:15 25.03.2024)
RFO Sent out, closing notice.
updated on (13:11 03.04.2024)